Saturday, May 10, 2008

White Rabbit...

One day, I was reading this article suddenly these words hit me.
"There are times in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect. Often, the soul recognizes its choices before the rational mind has time to process the information."

Immediately my mind skipped into that scene of Matrix where Neo awakens in front of his computer and he reads the words, "Wake up, Neo. The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit."

After few minutes, couple of people showed up at his apartment asking him to join at the club. Neo refuses saying he has to work tomorrow but then he sees the damn white rabbit on one of the girl's arm and there you go, the game started.

Deep inside, I think everyone is hungering for a mission. I know I am. If my own existence does not provide then i tend to look out in the world. Everything happens for a reason. Come on guys, a person's head does not go down to the desk in front of the computer for no reason. Messages, clues are being sent to us every time. We just have to trust our instinct what is says. But now a days, everyone is so self-obsessed with the way of living life that they think thats how the life is. But its not. Its just the matter of time when you come across it and when you do, believe me your whole attitude towards your own life and others' will totally change.

Its all about white rabbit. Do you ever look out for white rabbit? If you do, you know where your white rabbit is heading?

Think about it...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Do We get a little too stingy while donating, than we do while splurging ?

I ask myself many times, "Do We get a little too stingy while donating, than we do while splurging?"
I must admit that I love Shopping :) and I don't mind spending extra bucks on shopping. Sometimes, i buy stuff which is totally unnecessary at that point of time but since i like it, i will buy it. why not? after all, its my life and my hard earned money. I am sure many of you will agree to me.

But, when it comes to donation, we get little stingy. why cant we be the same?

I think we are programmed to believe that when we give money we must receive something back, when it works like that, we feel okay but when we give and get nothing in return, we may tend to feel a little cheated. I remember i use to feel the same way when i was little but thank GOD i am not the same any more.
Do we ever realize that how our little help can change other's life? You dont know you might be changing someone's life to some extent.
Do you know you can sponsor a cataract surgery in India for as little as the amount you pay for a dinner at a nice restaurant? You can sponsor a child for a month for that price. Unbelievable haan ? But people usually miss this part and they keep living their life the way they want. Wake up people, its time to do for others. Ab nahi to kab?

Why do we think twice about the amount we plan to donate, as opposed to the money we spend on ourselves ? Is it right to do so ? YOU DECIDE!