Saturday, November 29, 2008

Motive behind Bombay attack?

As Bombay recovers from the brutality, the inevitable question arise. Who were these terrorists? What was their motive? what did they want?

They landed on Indian soil to create havoc. They wanted to show which they did, that they can create terror anytime anywhere they want. I was watching the news that these many people were taken hostages, but i dont think they entered Taj, Oberoi and other places to take hostages. You do not take hostages without even using them to escape or demand to release other terrorists. Sometimes i think that they came to India for some big objectives but somehow couldnot do it. May be they didnt had the chance to look at the people's eye to eye while training. They might have realised that their enemies are not just enemies but human beings.

We may never know the answers, but we must look out for them. We have to get rid of the terrorism not only by security but by understanding the mindset of these terrorists. We need to rise all as one and defeat the terrorism.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History has been made...

History has been made...

November 4th 2008 is the day when history has made here in America. On historic eve, i was so tired that i could not keep my eyes open after 10:00 p.m. Next morning, when i got up at 5:00 a.m. i switched on my television. What i saw was unbelievable. This is a historic day not only for black people but also for the world.

Just four decades ago, there were yobs back then who would go out on a weekend abusing blacks, calling them names, shouting at them and sometimes beating them up.
No one has ever imagined a black person would rise to the highest position in office.

I was very emotional in the morning today seeing all the people getting emotional and its not black majority people voted for him but lots more new registered and white people voted for him. This time people really are fedup of republican administration. Bush has made such a big mess that it might take another term to bring back America on the right track.

Just six months back, i posted about the racism in America and the attitude of common man here. I was so worried about my future in this country. It would be hard to survive if Mc Cain was elected. But thank God, today i am so happy and relieved.

After seeing all this, i think that if America can select a person whose anchestors were slaves not long time ago then why not India can be like America. I have a dream that one day in India also we will see this type of change. We all are fedup of corrupt, illiterate politicians. one day there will be someone like Obama will step up and will bring India on right track. I really wish i live to see this change in India. May God Bless us all and God Bless India(Janambhoomi) and America (Karmbhoomi)